Whiskey Jam

Starring Ward Guenther. Photo by @jasonmyersphoto


In a city known for its legendary music and party scene, Whiskey Jam is all about family on Monday nights. 

Nashville since 2003.

Whiskey Jam has flipped your typical assumption of a Monday on its head with their idea of a family night. In fact, Mondays are the jam in Nashville – literally. A concept founded by once aspiring musician, Ward Guenther, he brings the importance of family to the stage every Monday (and now Thursday) night.

You see, unlike most of us 9-5er’s, musicians look forward to their Mondays as we do our weekends – exploring our creative outlets, spending quality time with family, having fun - and that is exactly what Whiskey Jam is all about. 

For Ward the creative journey and trajectory of Whiskey was rooted from a decade of being on the road himself as a musician.  Mondays were a tour musicians weekend, so it was an optimal night to create something unique and a brand that had a true Nashville musician community and vibe. 

My family is what makes me appreciate what I do and why I do it. When I actually started Whiskey Jam, I was a totally different person.  Now I do it with clear intention of being a great example of a husband, a father, and a positive male figure for my daughters and my son to look up to.
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This once up-and-coming musician has now featured well over 150 #1 songs that have been written or performed by Whiskey Jam guests and over 1,600 unique artists, bands & songwriters have performed on the Whiskey Jam stage. 1 Featuring notable guests such as Chris Young, Old Dominion, Maren Morris, Kip Moore, Peyton Manning…just to name a few.

Whiskey Jam has evolved in popularity and success, but there was a time when it almost did not make it. As a young buck, Ward was a scholar on a clear path and following all the rules. Then after college he admittedly let loose for years and enjoyed all of the fun that the music scene had to offer.  Fortunately, his family swooped in at the right time and helped inspire him to make Whiskey Jam what it is today -- a genuine Nashville experience built on relationships and connecting people and music every week.

I am trying now to very much enjoy where we are. It’s incredible to look back and think look where we were, look where we have come and look how many people are watching us. We need to keep moving forward and being progressive…I want to keep the spirit, the magic, the integrity of it all, and at the same time keep growing it.


Whiskey Jam is a time-tested source of great live music. They have hosted some of music's best writers and artists, often before they become household names. For artists, they provide an honest & discerning crowd. For the audience, they provide the best original music party in Nashville. 1

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