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Starring Kevin Klug. Photography by  @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Kevin Klug. Photography by @jasonmyersphoto


Identical twin to Tennessee Titan, Karl Klug, Kevin came to Nashville with nothing but brotherly love and is now building a unique fitness empire fueled by heart.

Nashville since 2011.

They say that identical twins have a psychic connection, which is ultimately what drew Kevin Klug to Nashville.  Growing up as life-long athletes, Kevin knew where he was heading next when Karl was drafted to the Tennessee Titans – Nashville.

He arrived with nothing…no job, no shelter and virtually no money, but was determined to create a life for himself alongside his brother.  He became a bouncer at various bars to make a buck, and quickly made valuable connections and realized his higher calling.

Kevin contrived the idea of a mobile personal trainer that brings the gym to his clients by creating a full gym in a van (an idea that was born out of his opportunity to be the personal trainer for Lady Antebellum, and now Sam Hunt).  It was a platform to provide privacy for some of his clients and also train anytime and anywhere.

SoftKnit Cotton Winter Cap w/Flip Cuff & 3D embroidered logo

SoftKnit Cotton Winter Cap w/Flip Cuff & 3D embroidered logo

Passion.  That is what drives Kevin every day -- to witness life change and true happiness for each and every one of his Klug Fitness clients.  Kevin also embraces meditative moments, which he attributes to his ability to stay charged and keep focus every day.

A virtuous individual who overachieves does not do it for the glory or self admiration.  They do it for the pride in what they do. They bleed responsibility, initiative, and enthusiasm. Someone who takes pride in their work is fueled to prove themselves time and time again.  Take pride in what you do and it will BECOME something you can take pride in.
— @klugfitness

It’s not just some of Nashville’s most popular musician that know about him, as he has been featured in Nashville Fit Magazine and the CMT Hot Top 20 Countdown.  Now on to launching his 3rd van and possibly expanding Klug Fitness to other cities, he is ambitious to bring his passion over and over again for his clients’ continued happiness.

Go Titans!


WHO AM I? My name is Kevin Klug, a native from Minnesota, I moved to Nashville just about five years ago! For the last two years I have toured with Lady Antebellum as their personal trainer and now this year with Sam Hunt. I tell you all this because this is how the idea of Klug Fitness was born. I am a mobile personal trainer that brings the gym to you! 

My style of training is going to be a mixture of weights, plyometrics, sprints, core, and stretching. I have been told I am tough, but that's the point right? No worries, I do try and keep it fun and competitive! Being a former collegiate athlete I am all about creating an environment that is fun and competitive!! With you all being very new to me, I will start you all off very slow for the first session or two to see how your bodies move and get you all acclimated. I want you all to know my passion is helping people and enjoy working with all fitness levels so let's have fun with it! (cited: https://www.facebook.com/pg/klugfitness/about)

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