Electric Western

Starring Jacob Jones. 📸  @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Jacob Jones. 📸 @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Reno Bo. 📸  @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Reno Bo. 📸 @jasonmyersphoto

Originally hailing from The Big Apple, this duo is rocking "the most stylish party" in Nashville that everyone wants an invite to.

Nashville since 2007 (Jones) and 2008 (Bo)

Reno Bo and Jacob Jones of Electric Western Productions have established themselves as the preeminent party throwers in Nashville.  From a bar in Manhattan’s Lower East Side to a living room couch in Tennessee, the two musicians created a company & brand that has become equal parts production studio, record label, radio show, and kick ass party.  

The duo met while working at a bar in Manhattan in 2004.  In 2007, Jacob, originally from Atlanta, was looking for a change and ended up leaving New York City to be closer to home.  “I really wanted to come back down South…I missed the South,” said Jones.  “I was pursuing music, so I was like, ‘Nashville…why not?’”  A year later in 2008, he convinced Reno to leave his home state of New York to join him and continue pursuing their vision.  “He (Reno) lived in my house on my couch for four months, which turned out to be great because we collaborated on all of this stuff.”  They decided to use the name Electric Western, which Reno had already been using for his graphic design business.

Next week I’m not sure what I’m doing...I try to make it an adventure every day.
— Reno Bo

Bo & Jones are truly musical Renaissance men.  They are talented businessmen, musicians, DJ’s, radio hosts, and producers.  For the father of two (Jones) and the newlywed (Bo), there is no such thing as a set schedule.  One week they’re on the road DJ’ing a party in Atlanta, the next they’re back in Nashville recording a radio show or playing a bass session. “Next week I’m not sure what I’m doing,” said Reno.  “I try to make it an adventure every day.”  The variety is by design.  Jacob says that as soon as they feel like they’re ‘going to work’ they catch themselves, and immediately move on to something new. 

Featured Hat: STYLE LI – 5-Panel Twill cap w/ Versa Visor & 3D Embroidery

Featured Hat: STYLE LI – 5-Panel Twill cap w/ Versa Visor & 3D Embroidery

Though Electric Western does many things as a company, they’re known best for ‘Motown Mondays’, their epic dance party each week held at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  For eight years, they’ve brought sounds from the past such as soul, 50's & 60's Rock N’ Roll, Doo Wop, Garage Rock, Girl Groups to their audiences every Monday night, keeping people coming back week after week.  “We’re fortunate enough that we’ve created opportunities where we can show up, play that music for hundreds of people in a room and watch them freak out, dance & fall in love,” said Jones.  “We’ve been doing this for so long there are babies that have been born from people who met at one of our parties.”  In April 2012, GQ Magazine featured EW’s Motown Mondays in an article, dubbing the event ‘the most stylish party in America.”

After nearly a decade of throwing parties, there is no end in sight for the men behind Electric Western.  “Throwing in the towel isn’t an option,” says Reno.  The every day hustle is the hardest part, I just chase it creatively every day.”  They’ve created a unique company in Nashville that brings their favorite music from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s to their audience through a variety of channels.  The busy schedule and grind of working gigs across the country can wear on the duo, but Monday nights when they step on stage and see the thrill and excitement in the crowd, it all seems worth it

I’m immediately energized...because there’s a bunch of people sweating it out in a room to the what I think is best music ever made.
— Jacob Jones

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