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Starring Steve Condon. 📸  @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Steve Condon. 📸 @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Dani Condon. 📸  @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Dani Condon. 📸 @jasonmyersphoto

From 8-bit video game vibes to artists sliding on dryers through laundromats, 10:10 Creative is finding fresh ways to bring music to visual life in Music City. 


Sometimes, it can be hard to be a little different. But for this Philadelphia-bred duo, being a little left of center has proved to be just right.

To be technical, Steve and Dani’s video production company was born when Dani was a kid. The producer-in-training had a video camera her dad would let her use, so she started a TV show interviewing her sisters, named 10:10 as an homage to Barbara Walters’ 20/20, Danielle style. She and Steve, who went to high school together but were not, they note, high school sweethearts, linked up creatively after graduation.

Their next stop was almost Nashville. They had been coming to the 615 often, and had put together a pilot for a TV show called Little Hollywood – like Always Sunny in Philadelphia, they say, but Nashville based, about two TV writers that move to Nashville to try and re-invent themselves. They pitched the show to CMT, but were told that no one would want to watch a show that has to do with Nashville. Ha.

As they were plotting their move, opportunity knocked on the west coast, in the form of an offer from Marc Platt, whose production credits include Legally Blonde, Wicked, and La La Land. Steve began his unpaid internship for Marc, while Danielle landed a job producing events. With a couple thousand dollars, they also shot Little Hollywood.

You could probably credit Little Hollywood for their eventual return to Music City. The film was accepted to the Nashville film festival, where they met tour manager Tommy Garris, who led them to working with Phil Vassar and Old Dominion. They included music from Shawn Lacy, which led to a close relationship including music videos, short film appearances in film festivals, and a drunk night in which Shawn convinced them to move – just two weeks later – to Nashville. And it began their work on music videos, bringing their Philadelphia style and out-of-the-box edge to Nashville’s music community.

It’s all written for the song.
— Dani
Featured Hat: STYLE VIII - Wool Blend Flat Bill Cap with Snapback closure & offset 3D embroidery

Featured Hat: STYLE VIII - Wool Blend Flat Bill Cap with Snapback closure & offset 3D embroidery

“I think people come to us because they want a certain style or they want to add in a little bit of unique flair to their video,” they say. They’ve shot all eight of Old Dominion’s video – the most recent, for “No Such Thing As A Broken Heart,” features time travel, 8-bit video gaming, and a graffiti’d trash truck. From the beginning, they’ve been a crucial part of the band’s unique edge. “We knew they were using Katy Perry’s photographer, they weren’t going to be on the album cover, we knew the road they were going,” Steve says. “Like we’ve done with Old Dominion, we want to be a part of [an artist’s] journey and grow with them.”

As their client roster continues to grow and clients return to them for their signature edge, their process continues to stem from heavy spins of each song and a desire to find that perfect creative fit for each artist. “It’s all written for the song,” Dani says.

To watch: “No Such Thing As A Broken Heart” by Old Dominion, “Gone Like The Night” for Shawn Lacy

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