Whistle Punk

Starring Michael Reddish. Photo by  @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Michael Reddish. Photo by @jasonmyersphoto



Nashville is the home of some truly impressive facial hair. Michael Reddish’s unique line of grooming and shaving products is keeping Music City’s beards stylish and healthy.

Michael grew up in the 615. “I could grow a beard since I was probably fifteen or sixteen,” he says. “I was concerned about buying things that were organic and all natural and it was hard to find that a lot of times.”

I started making my own. I realized at some point that what I’m making is better than a lot of what I’m buying, and so we talked and I said, ‘I feel like we really have something that we can offer people: a really high quality beard and shave oil.’

He and his wife Vicky set out to find the perfect recipe, and launched Whistle Punk in 2015. “We were researching oils that had a lot of hydrating proprieties,” Michael explains. ”When you start to grow hair out of your face, your face only produces a certain amount of oil, so even if you have stubble it starts to pull that oil out of your face. Beard oil is really as much for your skin underneath as it is for the hair.” They sought oils that keep the skin’s PH balanced, hydrated, and calm, and that condition the hair.

“We settled on a blend of five different oils,” he says, “hemp seed, jojoba, hazelnut, fractioned coconut, and sweet almond.” Each of the ingredients they include is organic. The home-made oils come in four unique scents: Flannel, Hatchet, Wildwood, and their boldest, Natchez. Though the product began as a beard oil, it’s an excellent choice for shave oil as well.

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Featured Hat: STYLE LI - Classic Twill 5-Panel Hat w/ Versa Visor & Woven Patch Appliqué

The name Whistle Punk has all-American roots. “We wanted something that was masculine and American, and so I started researching and I’m like well, lumberjacks were masculine and had beards,” Michael recalls. “In the 1800’s, kind of the golden age of logging, a job that you could have as a lumberjack was a whistle punk, it was the guy that blew the steam whistle and he kind of let everybody know when things were going to happen, and when to watch out when a tree was falling and that kind of stuff. We loved that.”

As he continues to make his premium oils, Michael remains dedicated to creating the best possible product, especially in the blossoming beard culture of Nashville. “The resurgence of guys caring about grooming has been great for us,” he says. “We’re fiercely devoted to it being all natural, organic things that are healthy for you.”

Grab your own on their website and see more on Instagram.