Whiskey Wolves of the West

Starring Leroy Powell. 📸  @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Leroy Powell. 📸 @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Tim Jones. 📸@jasonmyersphoto

Starring Tim Jones. 📸@jasonmyersphoto


“When I met Leroy, he was drinking champagne out of an old cowboy boot in a hot tub at a big A-list party in Hollywood.”

Nashville since 2004 (Leroy) & 2012 (Tim)

Veteran rockers Leroy Powell and Tim Jones found their way to Nashville eight years apart.  Powell arrived in 2004, playing with Shooter Jennings’ band, and has lived here on and off ever since.  Jones moved to Hendersonville with his band, Truth & Salvage Company, in 2012.   But, ironically, the story of how the two Nashville artists came together begins in a bathroom on the West Coast. “When I met Leroy,” Tim recalled, “he was drinking champagne out of an old cowboy boot in a hot tub at a big A-list party in Hollywood.”  Powell laughs, “Yeah, I don’t remember much from those days.”

The two would again cross paths in 2013 on the Lynyrd Skynyrd Southern Rock Cruise.  Tim & Leroy began writing songs together and named their band the Whiskey Wolves of the West.  They debuted later that year at the Stagecoach Music Festival in California. Their performance drew positive reviews, including one from Randy Lewis of the L.A. Times:

“The Whiskey Wolves forge a compelling gumbo that sounded an appropriately expansive opening for the 10th anniversary edition of California’s country music festival,” wrote Lewis. 1

The Stagecoach gig was a confidence builder for the duo, and a launching point for the Whiskey Wolves.  “We were playing in front of six or seven thousand people …so we were like why don’t we ride this out,” said Leroy. 

Describing their sound as ‘Dangerously Fun Americana’, Powell and Jones have committed to doing what they want to do at this point in their career.  In an industry that is known for tempting artists with opportunities at becoming ‘the next big thing’, the duo stay true to themselves.  “We stripped all the ambition away,” Leroy said sarcastically, “and work strictly for the moment.  We just try to laugh as much as possible.”

Featured Hat...

Featured Hat...

What started off as a chance encounter in a Hollywood hot tub has turned into a party of their own right here in Nashville. They’ve developed a huge following that come out to see the band every Saturday night at The Sutler Saloon.  Leroy aptly sums up the attitude of the Whiskey Wolves, “If it’s not any fun, we’re just not doing it right.”


Powell and Jones bring together a band of super musicians. Disciples at what could be The Last Supper of country music, their sound is high and lonesome. (cited from: http://leroypowell.com/our-story/)

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