Shawn Booth

Starring Shawn Booth. Photo by  @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Shawn Booth. Photo by @jasonmyersphoto


Shawn Booth has always been passionate about fitness. Now, along with the power of his appearance on The Bachelorette behind him, he’s making a difference with his personal training one-on-one in Nashville and across his brand new app worldwide.

Shawn grew up in Connecticut, and athletics have always played a strong role in his life. “I played every sport imaginable growing up, and played soccer in college,” he says. 

I started doing some personal training after school, and my love for it has just grown, my passion, and wanting to work with as many people as possible and help everybody achieve their goal.

Though moving to Nashville wasn’t always a goal for Shawn, he couldn’t have made more of a beeline after visiting for the first time. “I was living up in Connecticut and I came down to Nashville, a little weekend getaway with some of my closest buddies,” he explains. “I fell in love with the place, the vibe, the energy, just felt like it had so much to offer here,” he says. He was looking for a change in his life, and Nashville felt like a perfect fit.

“Once we got on the plane after that weekend, I told my buddies, that’s it, I’m moving to Nashville. I got home, put my house on the market, and then found a new job down here and moved down.”

Though Shawn had a steady job lined up upon landing back in the 615, doing loss control and risk management for commercial properties for an insurance company, it was an eventful transition. “It was pretty surreal sitting on the plane and knowing, wow, this is it, I’m doing it,” he recalls. “I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t even have a place to live yet, the first day I got there i went to a hotel for a couple nights so I could search the area for an apartment. Then once I landed in Nashville, they lost my bags, so I had to go to the mall, get a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.” But he never thought about turning back. “It was just adding to the excitement, I guess,” he says. “I just thought it was pretty crazy. I can’t really turn around now.”

Once he found some solid ground – and his own apartment – things started to settle in. “It was a nice steady job, it gave me the flexibility to also do my fitness thing, ‘cause I was able to work from home, make my own schedule,” he says. “I was really lucky to have that, and it gave me that security that I needed to get a life going.”

In each place, he continued to work as a personal trainer. “I’ve always had this crazy passion, drive to do better, and sometimes it can be a fault in my career, looking for more and wanting to do better,” he concedes.

Every morning I wake up and I know that nothing’s promised.

Now, his personal fitness business is beyond booming. And with help from Shawn’s appearance on The Bachelorette, his potential personal training clients went from local to worldwide. Now, he’s creating a fitness app called Booth Camp to connect with people all over the globe.

I wanted to build something that would reach a wide range of people, so that’s why I have been designing this app for the past year or so now, and really just picking the brains of all the people who are following me and asking questions to see what it is they want and what they need, so it’s based on that.

The app, which is set to launch in May, is a combination of home workouts, nutrition advice, and a supportive community platform. He’s excited to connect with even more people. “I’m just really trying to take this personal training thing to a whole larger scale.”

Connect with Shawn on the Booth Camp website and on Instagram.