Ryan Apparel

Starring Ryan Appell. Photo by  @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Ryan Appell. Photo by @jasonmyersphoto

How an impromptu tweet got a soccer-loving kid from Ohio to create an apparel brand popular amongst the country music elite.

Nashville since 2016. 

It was heat pressing that paid his way through school and design skills that brought in requests. However, it was a simple tweet that initiated a demand Ryan never dreamed would bring him to Nashville.

In preparation for a Cadillac Three concert, Ryan decided to have fun and design some hats for himself and his friends to wear. On a whim, he tweeted Cadillac Three asking them “which hat to wear?”  They tweeted back.

And not only making their pick, but then asking if they could wear the hats as well. Without hesitation Ryan sent the hats and to his amazement saw the band wearing them not only at their meet and greet, but then on stage.  The next day they wanted to buy even more of Ryan's hats for their merch store. 

It has just snow balled and each year I am like what’s going to happen next year?
Featured Hat:  STYLE XXX - P3 Perforated Performance Cap w/Snapback closure & 3D Logo Embroidery

Featured Hat: STYLE XXX - P3 Perforated Performance Cap w/Snapback closure & 3D Logo Embroidery

All of this was happening to a kid from Ohio who grew up playing soccer, worked at screen printing companies and spent time designing apparel for local sports teams and causes. “At the time I was connecting soccer and my design…and started selling t-shirts for a cause.” One of most important causes being Kick for Crohn’s, which was in honor of his father who passed away from Crohn’s. The monies went to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and “each year in the Ohio area…we would have one of the biggest non-business [family] checks to donate because we raised so much money.”

Now, through his relationship with Cadillac Three and networking amongst the country music scene his apparel has not only graced multiple stages but has even made its way onto the AMC Award red carpet.  All of the sudden this hat he made for a concert gave him a significant fan base.

The coolest thing is seeing my apparel on stage. Then when I started seeing people wearing my apparel on the street – that was tops. To me that’s success.

Staying true to his roots, you will see a lot of Columbus, Ohio as well as Nashville influence in his apparel. With an eye for design, a love of sports and modern vintage style, Ryan Apparel has a fresh, clean look that you will be seeing much more of around town and on the stage. “I love it here,” shared Ryan with a smile in regards to his new home in Nashville. 

We are all where we are supposed to be.


We believe in providing you, the customer, with a quality experience and style. As a locally made business, we love to create designs that are close to home. You will see a lot of Ohio and country music themed items in our store because of this.

A lot of people have helped get us to where we are now, so we feel the need to help out others as well. "Always stay humble and kind, and help the next person in line." 

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