Leigh Lovett

Starring Leigh Lovett. Photo by  @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Leigh Lovett. Photo by @jasonmyersphoto

Creating connections excites me.


By day, Leigh Lovett is a brand manager at the massive food brand conglomerate Mars, Inc. On her own time, she runs Love, Leigh Love, a music, travel, and events blog, and has built Blogger Xchange, a meet-up series for bloggers in Nashville.

“I’ve been to over 23 music festivals in the US and countless concerts. People always ask me for tips and advice about festivals and popular travel destinations,” she shares. “I created the blog as a way to share my passion, but also help people.”

Love, Leigh Love highlights a variety of topics, from city guides for places like Minneapolis and Memphis to columns like how to throw a party for your parents or tips on overcoming flight anxiety. “Eclectic,” she says of the offering. “I like to attend and cover various events, my musical taste is eclectic as well and I like to bring people of different backgrounds together.”

“I want to be a leading blog in the nation and known as the go to music and travel blog in Nashville,” she says.

Leigh grew up in Nashville. After high school, she attended Spelman College and then Northwestern University for her master’s degree, in Marketing Communications. She spent a few years in marketing in Minneapolis, but Nashville continued to draw her home, and she relocated permanently back to Music City in 2016.

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Now, alongside her blog, she hosts a blogger meet-up event series, called Blogger Xchange. The group, which connects bloggers who discuss a wide range of topics, has frequent events in both Nashville in Minneapolis. “I co-founded the Blogger Xchange which is a meet-up series for bloggers in Nashville as a way to allow people to connect and learn from each other,” she says. “There are hundreds of bloggers here and many need help promoting their blog so I along with my friend Kay Elle wanted to create a forum to allow partnership among bloggers. I would love for it to be national soon to help connect more bloggers across the country.”

Though she’s picked two incredibly tough gigs: creating content and planning and executing events, confidence and trust in her skills are what get her through tough moments. “Every event I create has its own challenges which makes it more exciting when it’s done and everybody loves it,” she says. “It’s challenging to create content to keep my audience engaged, but I have to trust myself and my brand and know it will grow and be okay.”

Through each, Leigh continues to connect people with each other and share insight and perspective on things she truly loves. “Bringing people together through events and sharing my passion for music” keeps her motivated, she shares. “Creating connections excites me.”

Read her blog Love, Leigh Love and learn more about the Blogger Xchange

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