Blind Copy Creative/Nada Taha

Starring Nada Taha. Photo by  @jasonmyersphoto

Starring Nada Taha. Photo by @jasonmyersphoto

It’s important to get to know that person. All I’m trying to do is enhance the story that they’re already telling.


“It’s enhancing what they already know they are,” Creative Director Nada Taha says of her new branding company, Blind Copy Creative. “It’s using their authentic story to brand themselves.”

Nada was born in Egypt, and her family immigrated to Georgia when she was nine months old. In middle school, she moved to Florida, where she eventually attended UCF, with a degree in journalism and international relations.

“I wanted to be a writer,” Nada says. “I started my high school newspaper. But I learned quickly that that’s a form of media that was not going to last very long.”

Fortunately for her, she’d long been unknowingly cultivating a background in digital. “We would always – so geeky – I would make websites with him as a child,” she recalls of her and her older brother’s upbringing. “I remember sitting there and coding and creating websites with him,” she says.

”It was such an asset in journalism,” she continues. “My first job was working the digital desk at the NBC affiliate, the TV station, and I remember them not giving a shit about our little area for digital. Three years later, I saw that shift gradually into us being more on the front line and them coming to us for stuff.”

Before the TV station, however, Nada landed her first internship at a hip hop magazine in Orlando. She was 14, and recalls being mortified at her mother demanding that she drop her off and walk her into the internship. From there, media was a lock. She worked for the TV station as a digital director for the news station, which quickly turned into her being assistant music director for the Top 40 station and doing digital for them. Six years ago, she was promoted to be the music director at 107.5 The River in Nashville and to do digital for the cluster, which included five stations in the Nashville area. She then became on-air talent for the Bobby Bones Show, her most high-profile role.

With Blind Copy Creative, she’s shifting gears. “It’s tough to leave a stable, comfortable job, especially a high-profile one, and take a leap, take this risk,” she says.

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She’s passionate about an artist’s authenticity, and telling a story that most honestly reflects themselves. “I’m fueled by the desire to make an impact, be inspiring, in a small capacity to an artist’s career,’ she says. “They are who they are, they’re creating the music, but it’s like, let me help you project your true self in a way that’s meaningful to everybody that can connect on a deeper level. I couldn’t sit back and not do anything.” Blind Copy Creative launched recently and already features a client roster replete with artists, athletes, and brands.

“It’s important to get to know that person,” Nada says of her branding work. “All I’m trying to do is enhance the story that they’re already telling.”

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